New FrostWire Wynwood 5.6.2 available

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frostwire (5.6.2) stable; urgency=high
* Improved readability of stream sources in player title.
* Fixed bug where media source icon for internet streams wouldn’t be shown
more than once on search result preview playback.
* UX Patch: New ‘Search’ tab acts also as a search button.
— FrostWire Team Thu, 04 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0500 as a new search engine in FrostWire puts millions of free legal files in your hands.

We’re currently polishing our next release of FrostWire for Android 1.0.6.

Our last release was back in November 2012, since then we’ve received crash reports and lots of complaints that have helped us make the next FrostWire for Android much more robust and compatible for the +2,600 different supported Android devices that run FrostWire on hundreds of thousands of mobile devices every day.

We’ve taken this time to make the search experience considerably faster and we’ve finally been able to integrate our search with another great source of legally free available content, is a non profit organization that crawls and indexes the web’s free content and as of the moment of this writing by having FrostWire connect to its search api you will be able to search through an astonishing number of free and legal works, here’s how they break them down on their home page today:

1,181,452 movies
114,118 live concerts
1,567,041 audio recordings
4,386,872 texts

that’s over 7,246,483 works most of which are tagged with Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses that you’ll be able to download and share with FrostWire.

Most of this content is under the Public Domain and also under Creative Commons licenses.
If FrostWire can detect the license on the content it yields on search results you will see it on screen.

And every year that passes, more works automatically fall into the public domain so you will be able to access more and more information for free absolutely legally, literally from the palm of your hand via FrostWire. We think this goes in line with our mission, and once this update is released the world will be a little better place to be in since all of you will be empowered with free digital works and culture.

Other than that we’ve fixed many crashes, freezes, lowered cpu and memory consumption (which will make your battery last more), we’ve done upgrades on almost all of the application icons, fixed issues for older phones that didn’t have SD cards the way new phones do now, bugs on the audio player and so much more. as a search engine, and a revamp of the search experience is also being added to FrostWire for Desktop so stay tuned for our next desktop release as well (5.5.6)


FrostWire 1.0.6 - 03/28/2013
 - Faster search results. Search architecture revised and improved.
 - Includes search results from, which indexes millions
   of public domain and creative commons works from all over the
 - FrostWire won't disable screen locking during audio playback.
   It's now up to the user to set longer auto-locking timeouts if
   they want to use FrostWire as an audio player in their vehicles.
 - UI fix, media player screen is correctly updated if a song starts
   while the screen was locked.
 - Updated icons and graphics.
 - Improved mime type detection.
 - Updated UPnP cling libraries for better Wi-Fi sharing discovery.
 - Multiple crashes and freezes fixed.
 - Opens .torrent files from urls and from any file browser.
 - Fixes a crash when sharing files from third party apps like FileKicker
   which pass filepath uris instead of android provider uris.
 - Fixes double audio playback issue with third party media playing apps.
 - Fixes bug where the app would force close and restart on phones without SD cards.

FrostWire 5.3.9 helps trackers save bandwidth

Download FrostWire here

Updating to FrostWire 5.3.9 will help the BitTorrent network as a whole to perform a lot better.

A few weeks ago some of the major trackers went offline on strike to get the attention of the BitTorrent community, their goal was to get everyone to understand a problem that was causing trackers to loose a lot of money in bandwidth costs thanks to old or mislabeled torrents that were still pointing to HTTP tracking addresses.

HTTP traffic is a lot more verbose than the UDP traffic that occurs between BtiTorrent trackers and trackers.

Now FrostWire has implemented a BitTorrent protocol extension that allows all FrostWire clients to check a TXT DNS record that will let all BitTorrent clients know if they should override the torrent announcement url to use UDP instead of the old HTTP addresses stored in older .torrent files.

Before FrostWire attempts to connect to the tracker URL, it’ll first check that DNS configuration to see what the wishes of the tracker administrator are, now tracker admins can override the behavior of all FrostWire clients and FrostWire could potentially ignore the HTTP based handshake and perform the handshake in UDP saving tracker operators a great deal of bandwidth costs.

Update now and make the BitTorrent network better

New FrostWire for Android with improved search

Download FrostWire for Android now

The latest version of FrostWire for Android addresses very important issues affecting search experience.

We’ve made a number of improvements in our search algorithm, we’ve improved local indexing (the more you search the better it gets) and we’ve made the process of searching a bit more interactive so you have a clue what’s going on during search.

International users should be able to find more files as we’ve fixed a few UTF-8 encoding issues we found on the Azureus core, so files with non western characters should be easier to find.

The response from users that installed or upgraded the app during this week tells us that we’re on the right path to a 1.0 release.

If you also have a desktop computer running FrostWire and you’re not using FrostWire to transfer files from or to your PC, boy, are you missing out, take a look at these videos.

Full Changelog

FrostWire 0.9.12
– Search performance improvements.
– Better international search thanks to improved special character support.
– Search status UI feedback improvemens.
– Search results remain on screen when the device is tilted.
– Search results remain after a transfer has been started.
– New animated media player status bar for easy access to media player.