FrostWire 5.3.9 helps trackers save bandwidth

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Updating to FrostWire 5.3.9 will help the BitTorrent network as a whole to perform a lot better.

A few weeks ago some of the major trackers went offline on strike to get the attention of the BitTorrent community, their goal was to get everyone to understand a problem that was causing trackers to loose a lot of money in bandwidth costs thanks to old or mislabeled torrents that were still pointing to HTTP tracking addresses.

HTTP traffic is a lot more verbose than the UDP traffic that occurs between BtiTorrent trackers and trackers.

Now FrostWire has implemented a BitTorrent protocol extension that allows all FrostWire clients to check a TXT DNS record that will let all BitTorrent clients know if they should override the torrent announcement url to use UDP instead of the old HTTP addresses stored in older .torrent files.

Before FrostWire attempts to connect to the tracker URL, it’ll first check that DNS configuration to see what the wishes of the tracker administrator are, now tracker admins can override the behavior of all FrostWire clients and FrostWire could potentially ignore the HTTP based handshake and perform the handshake in UDP saving tracker operators a great deal of bandwidth costs.

Update now and make the BitTorrent network better

One thought on “FrostWire 5.3.9 helps trackers save bandwidth

  1. I’m running FrostWire 5.6.6 Build 1. When I search I am only getting remixes from Soundcloud and I check settings and every source (torrent and otherwise) is clicked. Why will this not give me any other results? Very frustrating. Any ideas?

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