Windows Installer of FrostWire 4.13.1 available.

Finally the windows installer is ready, we’ll be testing and fixing any problems you might come across during the day, once the installer has been stabilized we’ll update the official home page for everyone to download.

We remind you that this FrostWire version supports Torrent Downloads, and features Chat Community.


Please give us your feedback here on the blog.

We remind you that FrostWire is absolutely FREE, if you pay for it you’ve been the victim of a scam.

5 thoughts on “Windows Installer of FrostWire 4.13.1 available.

  1. you guys are gods among men… frostwire is living breathing proof that nobody can tear down our community

    keep up the good work… use those donations well

  2. Hi everybody I used to use LimeWire Pro, but now I use FrostWire on Linux (Mandriva PP 2007) Works ok, but use like 49% of the processor, that worries me, the processor could burn with that charge, I tried it on windows, and the problem gets worst, it needs the 100% of the CPU, I cant use my machine, I don’t have money to donate, so, I shouldn’t complain, BUT I COULD HELP, I like very much FrostWire, I tried to download the code to see if I can find some bug, but I get this:

    No File Packages Defined
    This project has not yet created any file release packages.

    Could you help me? Or should I say…. COULD WE HELP US?

    Thanks a lot, THE PROGRAM its very nice, but has a lot of work to do.

    Here is My e-mail anyway:

    PS.: I am not retarded hahaha, if I wrote bad, sorry I am not natural English speaker

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