New FrostWire for Android 0.4.8 available tonight

Lots of fixes since yesterday, the two you will notice are a better layout when browsing a peer with your screen like a landscape picture.
The other is a new feature that allows you to remove unwanted Peers from your list, say you see somebody sharing 0 files and you don’t like leechers… bam, remove it.
The removed peer will be blacklisted during the lifetime of your FrostWire session.

FrostWire 0.4.8
- New Feature: Remove Peer. It will remove the peer from your list and black list it during the session's lifetime.9
- UX-Upgrade: Typos and updates in the UI's text (thanks James W. Wilson)
- UX-Upgrade: Warning on disconnect if there are any active transfers.
- Bug-Fix: Issue with shared file count if user unshared all files one by one and then unshared all in bulk.
- Bug-Fix: Generic socket errors caused by older clients in the network.
- Bug-Fix: Issues with GPS and Network location providers. Location updates will only be requested every 5 minutes if location providers are available.

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