New FrostWire for Android v.0.4.7 Out!

A new FrostWire for Android is out, start or restart your FrostWire for an automatic update. If you have not installed it yet, then go right now to and install it on your android device.

This new version gets ready for the fast growth of the first peer to peer mobile network in the planet. Now your FrostWire will limit itself to a number of connections to guarantee optimal performance and use less resources. Even though you’ll be connected to about 30 other peers, your searches will reach the entire network in less than a second thanks to the power of peer to peer algorithms.

FrostWire 0.4.7 features an even smaller installer (only 357Kb) and it improves the user experience by taking care of more details and improved networking core.

Read the full Changelog since 0.4.6 for more details on this update.
FrostWire 0.4.7
- Installer size reduced to 357K
- New Feature: "/me" in the Chat room is replaced with your nickname. IRC old school 3rd person.
- UX-Upgrade: Peer list shows the version number. If your FrostWire is old, it will appear in red.
- UX-Upgrade: Search and Chat tabs are disabled when disconnected.
- UX-Upgrade: Context aware display of Go to: Home | My Files.
- UX-Upgrade: Offer to change nickname for first time users will re-appear if the user tilts the phone to use keyboard.
- Core-Upgrade: Improved port handling for LAN interaction.
- Core-Upgrade: Better maintenance of Peer List and revisited ping heuristics.
- Bug-Fix: Force Close when trying to browse yourself if disconnected.
- Bug-Fix: Force Closes when trying to manage incoming and outgoing candidate peer lists.

FrostWire 0.4.6
- New Feature: Go to My Files
- New Feature: Clear Chat. Long press on the text box to make this appear.
- New Feature: Share your Documents,Pictures,Photos and Audio via email, android's bluetooth service, sms and via web services (e.g. twitter, facebook, flickr)
- New Feature: "Copy" search a result (to share it via private message or to everyone in the chat).
- Upgrade: Considerable optimization of object management when displaying peers, files, transfers and chat messages.
- Bug-fix: Deleting too many individually unshared files could cause a bug where no files of that type would be shared.
- Bug-fix: Cleans all temporary files on exit.
- Installer size reduced 16%.

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