FrostWire’s source code repository is now Mercurial (Hosted by

The latest source code and development branches of FrostWire have moved from to

The address of the project’s source code on bitbucket is

For simplicity we just did a new import of the last trunk found in This means that the new repository has no history before the initial import. If you need to review hacks done in the past you’ll have to browse the old subversion repository which will remain to exist for as long as allows.

We’ll still use as one of our distribution channels, specially for the new Debian Source Packages (dsc, tar.gz) which are almost ready for showtime, hopefully the Ubuntu mantainers will help us get in their package repositories.

Props to the and teams for such great free services.

9 thoughts on “FrostWire’s source code repository is now Mercurial (Hosted by

  1. i just downloaded frostwire and i love it, but when i download songs it is somehow showing up on my brothers laptop? can somebody tell me why this is happening and how to stop it i would greatly apprieciate it thank you.

    1. probably your brother is running iTunes and he’s seeing FrostWire through it. If you don’t want FrostWire to stream files to nearby iTunes go to:

      Tools > Options > iTunes > Sharing > Uncheck “Share My Music”

  2. Nobody pays much attention to the Beta & Bugs discussion forum these days at the LimeWire community forum! Where can users find the latest and greatest FrostWire for Windows in Alpha/BETA form? I want to test out the latest bug fixes in an Alpha/BETA release! Why are there never any BETA releases? used to have TONS of BETA releases!

      1. I remember LimeWire used to offer an ALPHA/BETA page to try downloading at your own risk. I always found these quite stable and exciting to try out. FrostWire makes this process more difficult without an installer… or I may just not understand what I have to do? Unzip the latest files to the FrostWire directory?

      2. Right now, you have to download the code and have the Java Software Development kit (along with ant) to compile and execute the latest source code. (That’s why there’s no .MSI or .EXE available, that’s what we like to call “binaries”)

        I guess we’ll start making beta builds available…

        Please stay tuned on this blog, as soon as we have beta builds we’ll let you know. We actually have several branches of code that you can test, but you’ll need to know how to compile it and this is probably not a trivial task for non-devs.

  3. This would be a great thing to see! Thanks so much for your assistance in this matter. 🙂 I have this blog set to notify me for future updates.

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