New FrostWire for Android out (0.4.23)

This is a big one fellas.

This release fixes a nasty bug where Applications files were not being shared (relief)

The Peer list is now ordered by distance (closer peers appear on top, you should be always on top), other peers that don’t say where they are go towards the bottom sorted alphabetically.

4 nasty crashes were fixed.

Spanish Support. More translations are coming in further releases.

We added back the “Search” button to search since Android’s keyboards tend to behave differently and lots of people complained about not having an explicit Search button.

FrostWire for Desktop Compatible

If you update to this release you will be able to transfer files to your desktop without any cables.
(You will need FrostWire for Desktop +4.21.2 to be released anytime this week, stay tuned to our twitter feed if you want to try it before the rest)

Here’s the formal changelog:

FrostWire 0.4.23
– UX-Upgrade: Internationalization: Spanish Support (i18n).
– Bug-Fix: Issue where apps were not being shared.
– Core-Upgrade: Support for file transfers to FrostWire for Desktop > 4.21.2
– UI-Fix: Search results you started downloading appear in blue without having to scroll.
– UI-Upgrade: Peers appear sorted by Geo-Distance if available, otherwise alphabetically by nickname.
– UI-Upgrade: Core message handling optimizations for faster UI response.
– Bug-Fix: 4 commonly reported crashes fixed.

Also stay tuned also for some video faq’s to start washing aways any myths on how the application works. We’ll be putting this in our youtube channel and you’ll be able to get them easily from

4 thoughts on “New FrostWire for Android out (0.4.23)

  1. I really think you should update the user interface for the pc version. Im getting kind of tired of the same old boring low tech interface.

    1. If you have an Android phone, install FrostWire on it, and have it connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. You will be able to transfer files From FrostWire for Desktop to your phone very easily from Within FrostWire.

      Otherwise, you’ll just have to connect your phone to your computer via USB and transfer files to your phone, FrostWire doesn’t do this, but your phone and your operating system should allow you to do so.

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