Can I hide my seeds?

So you are ok with seeding to help the BitTorrent network but you’re seeding way too much and it’s becoming hard to track which are your new downloads. Don’t worry, there’s a feature to hide all the transfers that are “Seeding” so that you only see the ongoing and recently finished ones.

Just right click on any of the transfers and select “Hide Seeding Transfers”

7 thoughts on “Can I hide my seeds?

    1. yes you can hide your seeds, right click on any of the file transfers, a menu will appear, select the option that says “Hide Seeding Transfers”

      1. hi I use frostwire a lot its good that its free but when you download music or video clips you get crap from wanna be singers not what you type in the old frostwire was better even limewire was better then this crap

  1. Can you undo this?
    I am on a limited data allotment and I wanna keep track of what goes where.

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