New FrostWire 5.3.9 out (changelog)

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frostwire (5.3.9) stable; urgency=high
  * BEP 34 compliant. FrostWire now checks DNS TXT records for tracker
  * Soundcloud integration (Search, Streaming and Downloads).
  * Fixes issue with partial download title window not showing the name
    of the torrent correctly.
  * UI Improvement: Action hints on top of search results to stream or
    download or see the contents of the torrent.
  * UI Improvement: Action hint on top of playable contents in the
  * UI Improvement: Search result Source now includes the name of the
    author if available.
  * UI Improvement: Search keywords are bolded in the titles of search
  * UI Improvement: Creation date for non-torrent search results available.
  * UI Improvement: File size of non-torrent search results available.
  * UI Improvement: Opening 'Configure Options' on the Library takes user
    to the Library Settings pane.
  * UI Improvement: Right clicking on the title	of a search tab	now
    shows the only action available (Repeat Search) directly.
  * UI Improvement: A FrostWire	update can now be invoked from the 'Tools'
  * UI Improvement: New Notification update	button will	be available on	
    the	Window header to let the user know visually that there's a
    FrostWire update available.
  * UI Improvement: Added 'Cleanup Playlist' right click menu item in
  * UX Improvement: When saving	a newly created .torrent, FrostWire
    will make sure the file is saved with the .torrent extension.
  * Fixes issue	with file names	downloaded from	FrostWire for Android.
  * Fixes issue	adding new radio stations to the library.
  * Fix of MP3 ID3 tags unicode parsing.

 -- FrostWire Team   Fri, 24 Aug 2012 20:43:35 -0500

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