New FrostWire Plus for Android (1.7.0). Stable Release!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.7.0 now

Now it’s time to download a new FrostWire release. This is a major update. Now, FrostWire Plus for Android is very stable and you’re not going to have any problems when trying to search, download or play.

Also, now the torrent transfer are shown immediately when you click to download it. As well, when you click on “stop and delete data”, the corresponding torrent will be deleted too.


FrostWire 1.7.0 – JANUARY/12/2016
– Updated to new jlibtorrent
– Torrent transfers are now shown immediatly after they start.
– “Stop and Delete Data” now also deletes corresponding .torrent.
– Downloading two partial files from the same .torrent no longer
downloads the entire torrent.
– Lots of icons updated, unused ones pruned.
– Improved update notification for FrostWire plus users.


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