New FrostWire 6.2.3 [Windows, Mac, Linux] is out!

Download FrostWire 6.2.3 now

It’s Friday and we are so happy because weekend is coming, and even more with this new FrostWire release.

FrostWire 6.2.3. has been optimized. We included the latest change of libtorrent, an we added a new share action in the Media Library.

frostwire (6.2.3) stable; urgency=high
* New share action in Library. Create, seed and share DHT-based torrent
in a single click.
* New jlibtorrent
* Fix preparing YT m4a’s author field.
* jlibtorrent: fix issue in checking outgoing interfaces
* jlibtorrent: optimize enumeration of network interfaces on windows
* jlibtorrent: improve reliability of binding listen sockets
* jlibtorrent: support SNI in https web seeds and trackers
* jlibtorrent: fix unhandled exception in DHT when receiving a DHT packet over IPv6
* Dropped rxjava library. KISS.

— FrostWire Team <> Tue, 31 Mar 2016 12:06:20 -0500

What is FrostWire?

FrostWire, a BitTorrent Client & YouTube Downloader that makes it easier to search, download, play and share content from the BitTorrent network & cloud sources, all in one place, announced today its new ‘preview’ and ‘play as you download’ capabilities for Android phones and tablets. The new preview feature not just enables users with a more convenient way to find and discover content, it makes downloading optional in some cases.

3 thoughts on “New FrostWire 6.2.3 [Windows, Mac, Linux] is out!

  1. best frostwire i have no idee how i must do to make it netter i dont know how ore what i must do

  2. I can’t install Frostwire 6.2.3 I keep getting “Frostwire has stopped working” and I have to close the program. This is happened multiple times. Also, it seems there is malware or a virus, called SAPE.Heur.D2527 and it is located in the setup. I use Norton Security Suite. Let me know what to do so I can Update Frostwire.

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