Get FrostWire Plus for Android (1.7.2)!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.7.2. for Android now!

Happy Thursday! We’re so happy to announce this new FrostWire Plus release. FrostWire Plus is becoming the first and only Smart Torrent Client.

FrostWire 1.7.2 – APR/05/2016
– Instant demuxing. New (insanely) fast mp4 demuxer library by FrostWire.
– Demuxer progress is reported in the user interface.
– Improved connection status display on Transfers screen.
– My Files file count is updated when files are deleted.
– Updated libraries: gson v2.6.2, okhttp v2.7.5, android support v4.23.2.0.
– New jlibtorrent (with openssl 1.0.2g)
– Music player bug fixes and major code cleanup.
– Song hand picker soundcloud playlist downloading confirmation dialog.
– Enhancement: Shows descriptive error on transfers when Internet connection is lost.
– Clears errored cloud transfers that were not considered completed.
– jlibtorrent: fix issue in checking outgoing interfaces
– jlibtorrent: optimize enumeration of network interfaces on windows
– jlibtorrent: improve reliability of binding listen sockets
– jlibtorrent: support SNI in https web seeds and trackers
– jlibtorrent: fix unhandled exception in DHT when receiving a DHT packet over IPv6
– Dropped rxjava library. KISS.

What is FrostWire Plus?

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