A Good Day to Seed!

Good morning, whoever is there. Biggest day in the last month for us at FrostWire. We believe we’re ready to go with the next releases for Android and Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) All the installers are already available for download, but not made public on the website yet as we’re running some last website updates first. If you want to get them before everybody else, here are the links:

Download FrostWire

Fun fact about this release

This is the first time in 9 to 10 years the whole FrostWire team works on a build in the same physical place (for one day at least in Miami a couple of weeks ago)

Content Decentralization for a healthier, freer, uncensored Internet

Lot’s of work went into it from multiple world cities (Miami, Denver, Santiago-Chile, Warsaw-Poland) it’s a decentralized project after all… and starting this release we’ll be putting a lot more emphasis on being able to seed files with ease.
We feel the internet’s content is becoming way too centralized by cloud providers, and this goes against the DNA of the Internet which is decentralization and file sharing.

So Let’s Seed

A blog post and newsletter will be released explaining in detail all the features and updates of this new release, we hope you enjoy it.
FrostWire Team
June 1st, 2016 Miami, FL.

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