Get FrostWire Plus for Android (1.7.4)! New ‘Seed’ Action Available!!!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.7.4. for Android now!

We are SO HAPPY to announce this new FrostWire Plus for Android release. This version has a lot of new improvements and options that you’re going to love. First of all, we added a new ‘Seed’ action on ‘My Files’. Now you can create and seed a torrent of any file with a single touch. What can you do with this option? If you have a file that you want to share with your friends, you only click on Seed and then copy the magnet link and send it to your friends. It’s a really good way, for example, to share big files.


We also added a new handpicked file selection on .torrent downloads. So now you can download specific files from a torrent!

We also fixed issues saving to SD Card on multiple devices and a few bugs.

In order to give you more search results, we added a new search engine: We also fixed YouTube video, Torlock and EZTV search results.


Please check the changelog of this version in order to have more information.

FrostWire 1.7.4 – MAY/29/2016
– Issues saving to SD card on multiple devices fixed.
– New ‘Seed’ action available on ‘My files’. Create and seed
a torrent of a file or many in one touch.
– New handpicked file selection on .torrent downloads.
– Search improvements and refactors.
– New jlibtorrent
– Re-engineering and simplification of transfers architecture.
– Fixes bug where a playlist could not be created out of the
‘More by artist’ song list.
– New horizontal swipe gesture based tab switching for transfers, my files.
– Improved overscrolling and refreshing interaction on list views.
– Updated inmobi library to 5.3.0.
– No more repeated YouTube video search results. Results are now grouped, when
touched the user can select the video format/quality to download.
– Dialogs make over. All dialogs have uniform look and re-appear on device rotation.
– Fixes issue with playlist song drag-n-drop reordering. Thanks @grzesiekrzaca!
– Improved shutdown.
– Fixes Torlock search.
– EZTV no longer returns irrelevant results.
– New Search Engine:

If you have any question, leave a comment!

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