FrostWire 2.1.1 build 578 – JAN/16/2019
  • New jlibtorrent with libtorrent 1.2.0
  • Memory freed by removing hundreds of unused resource ids and resources
  • Library updates mopub 5.4.1, applovin 9.1.3, okhttp 3.12.0, com.h2database 1.4.197, 28.0.0, play-services-ads:17.1.2
  • Search: New Nyaa engine
  • Fix ANR introduced by mopub 5.4.1
  • Min sdk bumped to 19 (Android 4.4)
#android #bittorrent #opensource #libtorrent #gpl #apache
Photo by Andrea Leopardi at Unsplash

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