New FrostWire 2.1.7 for Android, tested and ready for Android 10 devices

frostwire-android-release-2.1.7-b605-plus.apk 17.6 MB

After over a month of testing, tweaking and fixing today we’re releasing FrostWire 2.1.7 build 604 for Android.

This is a stability, performance and compatibility update that makes sure FrostWire is compatible with the next generation of Android 10 powered devices.

We’ve made sure the most important components of the application have been updated to the newest and most stable version, affecting startup, https connectivity and file system access compatibility moving forward with lots of important changes and restrictions that were introduced with Android 10.


FrostWire 2.1.7 build 605 – NOV/20/2019

  • Android 10 compatibility updates
  • Android 4.4 support dropped, minimum compatible version is Android 5.0 Lollypop
  • OKHttp 3.14.0 update
  • androidx components update
  • billingclient:billing:2.0.3 update
  • re2j:1.3 update
  • flexbox:1.1.1 update
  • applovin-sdk:9.9.2 update
  • buildToolsVersion ‘29.0.2’ update
  • play-services-ads:18.3.0 update
  • mopub-sdk 5.10.0 update
  • vungle-sdk removed
  • ANR and crash fixes

Royalty free photo by Simon Migaj

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