You can now be Ad-Free, for Free, and FrostWire Plus users can do it too with the new FrostWire for 2.1.8

frostwire-android-release-2.1.8-b607-plus.apk 17.6 MB

For the longest time we heard complains about the ads and many of our FrostWire Plus users didn’t get the screen to purchase ad-removal because it wouldn’t have worked since that app is not the same app that’s available on Google Play and all the payment systems depend on Google Play.

That is until today.

Starting with FrostWire for Android 2.1.8, basic or plus, users in or out of the Google Play Store, don’t need money to experience FrostWire Ad Free.

We’ve integrated “Rewarded Ads”, and it works as follows.

If you play a Rewarded Ad completely, you will unlock Ad-Removal for up to 30 minutes.
If you want to spend a whole hour, then you’ll have to play a second ad to unlock the next 30 minutes.


Every user is allowed to play 2 ads per hour during the whole day. If you happen to use FrostWire non-stop for 24 hours… you can do so Ad-Free without paying now.

If you want to know how many minutes you have left until Ads start appearing again, you can always go to the Preferences screen and scroll down to the “Other Sections” settings, in there you will see a description of how many minutes you have left


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