New JLibtorrent bittorrent library (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

Develop libtorrent based apps with the joy of coding in Java, Kotlin or your favorite JRE based language. jlibtorrent is a full featured java wrapper for the most powerful and performant open source bittorrent library, libtorrent.

Download JLibtorrent Binaries on our Github Release Page

jlibtorrent-windows- 4.72 MB


  • libtorrent 1.2.5 update (0f337b9ce7a1b0fc87f48843933b1c5c4dd5a9ec)
  • New SettingsPack::dhtUploadRate(), SettingsPack::dhtUploadRate(int)
  • lt:announce port=1 instead of port=0, when there is no listen port
  • lt:fix LSD over IPv6
  • lt:support TCP_NOTSENT_LOWAT on Linux
  • lt:fix correct interface binding of local service discovery multicast
  • lt:fix issue with knowing which interfaces to announce to trackers and DHT
  • lt:undeprecate settings_pack::dht_upload_rate_limit

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