New FrostWire 6.8.4 for Desktop with jlibtorrent

Windows:  29.7 MB
Mac: frostwire-6.8.4.dmg  37.2 MB
Ubuntu/Debian:  frostwire-6.8.4.amd64.deb  4.83 MB
Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora: frostwire-6.8.4.amd64.rpm  5.83 MB
Other OS with Java 12+: frostwire-6.8.4.amd64.tar.gz  12.2 MB

A new big update is finally out to begin 2020, bittorrent engine updated with important fixes and optimizations, our whole runtime starts the year with bleeding edge java technology from the OpenJDK 13, our encrypted communications now run with the updated openssl 1.1.1d, and portions of our search got rewritten from scratch to yield nearly instant search results from some sources.

Full Changelog

frostwire (6.8.4) stable; urgency=high

  • OpenJDK 13 runtime (windows,mac)
  • Soundcloud search and downloads fixed
  • LimeTorrents search and downloads fixed
  • New jlibtorrent update
  • jlibtorrent updated to boost 1.72.0
  • jlibtorrent upgraded openssl to 1.1.1d
  • lt:fix erroneous event=completed tracker announce when checking files
  • lt:promote errors in parsing listen_interfaces to post listen_failed_alert
  • lt:fix bug in protocol encryption/obfuscation
  • lt:fix buffer overflow in SOCKS5 UDP logic
  • lt:fix issue of rapid calls to file_priority() clobbering each other
  • lt:clear tracker errors on success
  • lt:optimize setting with unlimited unchoke slots
  • lt:fixed restoring of trackers, comment, creation date and created-by in resume data
  • lt:fix handling of torrents with too large pieces
  • lt:fixed division by zero in anti-leech choker
  • lt:fixed bug in torrent_info::swap

— FrostWire Team Thu, 30 Jan 2019 19:30:45 -0600

Windows 7,8, and Vista support officially dropped

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 11.40.56 AM

From now on, the minimum required Microsoft OS recommended by FrostWire will be Windows 10.

A few weeks ago Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. The last years we’ve been building FrostWire for Windows on a Windows 7 instance. Starting with 6.8.4 we’ve started building FrostWire on Windows 10.

We’ve tested the app on Windows 7 and it still works and we’ll try out best to make it work in Windows 7 for as long as possible but once it becomes too hard to do this there won’t be much we’ll be able to do if we want to keep up with newer technologies and updates of third party libraries that we use to build FrostWire. We highly recommend you switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as soon as you can, internally we love the Windows 10 experience as software developers.

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