[SOLUTION] macoS Big Sur possible FrostWire Freeze on Startup

Here are some things that might help with Freezes some users are reporting until we find the root cause, or when Apple finally releases 11.0.2 fixing a lot of irregularities we’ve experienced with this operating system.

For some reason, on some installations of macOS Big Sur FrostWire can freeze when trying to show the “Tip of the Day” window.

To avoid that window from showing on startup, all you have to do is add a setting in the frostwire.props file

Please try the following before you launch the application:

1. Make sure you’re running our latest FrostWire update

2. With the Text Editor app of your choice please edit the file ~/Library/Preferences/FrostWire5/frostwire.props

and add the line

This has helped some people get past a the freeze when the “Tip of The Day” window is shown on macOS Big Sur.

Update: If this doesn’t help you solve the freeze, please know that we’re finding the root cause of the freeze, we’re upgrading all of our third party libraries and trying to debug what could be the root cause of the problem. In the meantime please make sure you have our latest build

4 thoughts on “[SOLUTION] macoS Big Sur possible FrostWire Freeze on Startup

    1. Hey Brian, could you please try running FrostWire from the terminal and paste all the log output over here.

      In order to run from the Terminal.

      1. Open Terminal
      2. type:
      cd /Applications/FrostWire.app/Contents/MacOS

      The app should start and you should see a bunch of text, once the app freezes, select all the text output, copy it, and paste it into pastebin.com, then paste the pastebin.com URL here for me to examine.

      Thank you so much for reporting this.

  1. Can’t find ~/Library/Preferences/FrostWire5/frostwire.props
    Any chance Frostwire will fix this in next build. Will delete app til then.
    Have tried everything i can find and still freezes on the nonfunctional solicitation for money.

    1. the issue should be fixed with 6.9.1

      please check again, if the frostwire.props file hasn’t been created you can create one your self from inside that folder

      just add the line:


      in it, save and start frostwire

      FrostWire should then create the other missing values with default settings but it will respect that value and not show you the tips of the day which seems to be causing your freeze

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