jLibtorrent – Develop libtorrent powered apps and services in Java (android, windows, linux, macos binaries)

A swig Java interface for libtorrent by the makers of FrostWire.

Develop libtorrent based apps with the joy of coding in Java.

More information at jlibtorrent.org
Discord Developer Chatroom

jlibtorrent- 408 KB

Java API Jar
jlibtorrent- 684 KB

Shared Native Libraries (.dll, .so, .dylib containing jars)
jlibtorrent-android-arm- 2.36 MB
jlibtorrent-android-arm64- 2.42 MB
jlibtorrent-android-x86- 2.72 MB
jlibtorrent-android-x86_64- 2.7 MB
jlibtorrent-linux- 5.67 MB
jlibtorrent-macosx- 2.22 MB
jlibtorrent-windows- 4.67 MB

 * New TorrentHandle.inSession() [blocking method, do not use in main UI threads]
 * New ability for SessionManager to build a paused session
 * New SessionManager.start(SessionParams, session_flags_t)
 * New SessionHandle.PAUSED (session_flag_t) and corresponding unit tests
 * Removed TorrentStatus::State::ALLOCATING enum
 * Removed torrent_status.state_t.unused_enum_for_backwards_compatibility_allocating
 * libtorrent update (471e772cb7038f1bf5f44c32a09eb42fbb80ee99)
 * lt: upgraded to openssl 1.1.1l
 * lt: fix issue with moving the session object
 * lt: deprecate torrent_status::allocating. This state is no longer used
 * lt: fix bug creating torrents with symbolic links
 * lt: remove special case to save metadata in resume data unconditionally when added throught magnet link
 * lt: fix bugs in mutable-torrent support (reusing identical files from different torrents)
 * lt: fix incorrectly inlined move-assignment of file_storage
 * lt: add session::paused flag, and the ability to construct a session in paused mode
 * lt: fix session-pause causing tracker announces to fail
 * lt: fix peer-exchange flags bug
 * lt: allow saving resume data before metadata has been downloaded (for magnet links)
 * lt: record blocks in the disk queue as downloaded in the resume data
 * lt: fix bug in set_piece_deadline() when set in a zero-priority piece
 * lt: fix issue in URL parser, causing issues with certain tracker URLs
 * lt: use a different error code than host-unreachable, when skipping tracker announces

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