New FrostWire 6.9.3 with Telluride 15 and jLibtorrent 1.2.13

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frostwire-6.9.3.amd64.deb | frostwire-6.9.3.amd64.rpm | frostwire-6.9.3.amd64.tar.gz

Source code(tar.gz)

frostwire (6.9.3) stable; urgency=high

  • Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 15
  • jlibtorrent- update
  • Telluride searches are much faster, telluride runs as an RPC server in background
  • openssl 1.1.1j upgrade
  • lt:fix incoming TCP connections when using tracker-only proxy
  • lt:fix issue with paths starting with ./
  • lt:fix integer overflow when setting a high DHT upload rate limit
  • lt:improve Path MTU discovery logic in uTP
  • lt:fix overflow issue when rlimit_nofile is set to infinity
  • lt:Fix cxxflags and linkflags injection via environment variables

— FrostWire Team Tue, 6 Apr 2020 17:50:00 -0600

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