New Telluride build 15 – Now with –server mode to run as an HTTP RPC server

This is a foundation for many good things on the FrostWire network.

Download binaries:

For instance, now every time that FrostWire for Desktop receives a Video URL, it no longer needs to create a new Telluride Process, it reuses the same process and it can ask the telluride process to fetch the relevant video/audio metadata with a simple HTTP RPC request.

This makes the experience for FrostWire for Desktop users much faster , and eventually once enough desktops are running builds post 15, they will serve as a distributed network to answer video URL searches from Android clients which cannot run Telluride as it stands today.

build 15 – apr/06/2021

  • NEW: –server mode, run telluride as an RPC web server
  • python: pylint-2.7.4
  • python: youtube_dl-2021.4.7
  • python: astroid-2.5.2
  • python: sanic-21.3.2
  • python: sanic_routing-0.5.2
  • python: httptools-0.1.1
  • python: ujson-4.0.2
  • python: uvloop-0.15.2
  • python: websockets-8.1
  • python: aiofiles-0.6.0
  • python: multidict-5.1.0
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