New Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 24

It’s great to see the latest build of the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader, build 24, which now offers faster video downloads from popular websites that previously slowed download speeds. This is a significant improvement for users who rely on the tool to download videos from their favorite websites.


One of the key updates in this build is the inclusion of yt_dlp-2023.1.2, a powerful library for downloading web videos. This update allows users to more easily download videos from many video websites, even if the website has implemented throttling measures to slow down download speeds.

In addition to the yt_dlp library, build 24 also includes astroid-2.12.13, a static analysis tool for Python code. This tool can help developers identify and fix issues in their code, leading to more stable and reliable software.

For developers, this build also includes updates to several key tools, including pip-22.3.1, pyinstaller-5.7.0, and pylint-2.15.9. These updates ensure that the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader is built using the latest and most reliable tools, further improving the stability and performance of the software.

Overall, the latest build of the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader looks like a solid update that offers significant improvements for both users and developers. The inclusion of the newest version of the yt_dlp library will make it easier for users to download videos from popular websites, while the updates to development tools will ensure that the software is reliable and stable.

We look forward to seeing what you think, this new telluride release will be included in the upcoming version of FrostWire across all platforms, including Android.

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