New FrostWire-JMPlayer 1.5.0

The underlying music and video player that comes with FrostWire for Desktop has received an update after 1 year.

The next FrostWire for Desktop will come with our custom build of MPlayer, called FrostWire-JMPlayer.
Source Code here

If you need binaries for Mac (arm64, x86_64) or for Windows (x86_64) to include in your own app or for whatever purposes, here are our latest builds

fwplayer.exe (6.81 MB)
fwplayer_osx.x86_64 (7.34MB)
fwplayer_osx.arm64 (13,5MB)

This build features Mplayer “Hope” 1.5.0, the latest source code available on the FFmpeg repository as of January 17th 2023 and it’s been built with OpenSSL 1.1.1s

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