New major update for Android: FrostWire 2.1.9

Download FrostWire Plus 2.1.9 now

We’re really proud of this one, we’ve spent the last months hunkered down in the winter cold and snow to deliver a FrostWire release (after 24 iterations) that makes the app work the way it was intended to work across all Android versions.

We’ve made deep architectural changes in the way the app runs it’s backend services so that it no longer needs keeps services and resources in use, this means, longer battery life and no more annoying notifications telling you that FrostWire is running idle in the background.

Now you will only get notifications under 3 possible situations:


1. You’re playing music. A Mini-Player control will appear in the notification bar so you can quickly pause, skip, stop music playback or get back to the Audio Player screen.

2. When you’re actively downloading or seeding files from the network, you’ll be able to see how many transfers are active and how much upstream or downstream bytes per second it’s sending or receiving.

3. When a download is finished, touching it will open the app and take you straight to the Transfers screen.

You can haz performance

Great care and attention was put into optimizing memory and CPU usage, FrostWire’s impact on your battery life will be as small as ever. FrostWire will throttle repeated background thread requests that were needlessly done in the past, and dozens of crashes were fixed prior to this moment.


A new powerful jlibtorrent 1.2.3 build, along with new OpenSSL and boost libraries has been included with bleeding edge innovation in BitTorrent and encryption technology.

We’ve rebuilt the app with the latest Android libraries from Google and repairs to search engines, including our LimeTorrent’s search has been rewritten from scratch for nearly instant torrent search results.

Don’t want ads? We got you

We’ve also heard your complaints regarding the ads on the app, we no longer cover album art with an annoying ad, also we’ve made interstitial ad display less aggressive and now even if you don’t have money to pay to remove ads there’s a new option to play a rewarded video that will in return turn off all ads from the app for 30 minutes. You can keep playing the rewarded video every half hour to have an ad-free experience all day if you please. If you have a dollar to spare, you can remove ads for 30 days altogether.

In case you want to read all of the code changes here’s the full patch file depicting all of the changes.

If you enjoy this release, please consider making a donation with what you can to continue to make our work possible and keep FrostWire free.

And here’s the full changelog for this release

FrostWire 2.1.9 build 637 - MAR/05/2020
 - Album art display bug fixed
 - No more annoying 300x250 ad over album art on Music Player
 - New MagnetDL search
 - Issues with search results not being displayed fixed
 - MusicPlaybackService rewritten
 - Continuous playback issues fixed
 - Repeat mode and shuffle mode issues fixed
 - Save to Playlist issue fixed
 - New Global Sequential Downloads Torrent Setting. Disabled by default
 - Transfer details file list and peer list no longer flicker when updated
 - New jlibtorrent 1.2.3
 - libtorrent update
 ->1.2.0-alpha05 update
 - -> 2.8.6 update
 - boost 1.72.0 build
 - openssl 1.1.1d
 - Android NDK 21
 - R8 code minification enabled to build .apk
 - UX: New 'Retry Download' action for failed magnet downloads
 - UX: No more annoying ever-present Android notification, only during active transfers or music playback
 - UX: Torrent search results now show how old they are
 - EngineService and MusicPlaybackService are no longer ran as foreground services following newer android guidelines
 - Considerable CPU usage reduction through thread invocation throttling frees resources for better search and download experience
 - Removed experimental haptic feedback feature
 - Multiple crashes fixed
 - Music player and notifications framework update
 - MusicPlaybackService lifecycle rewrite
 - SoundCloud search/downloads fixed
 - LimeTorrents search/downloads fixed
 - Fixes crash searching for music in My Music screens
 - Fixes issue media scanning finished download files
 - androidx browser 1.3.0-alpha01
 - applovin and mopub mediation 9.11.4
 - mopub 5.11.0 update
 - update
 - lt:fix erroneous event=completed tracker announce when checking files
 - lt:promote errors in parsing listen_interfaces to post listen_failed_alert
 - lt:fix bug in protocol encryption/obfuscation
 - lt:fix buffer overflow in SOCKS5 UDP logic
 - lt:fix issue of rapid calls to file_priority() clobbering each other
 - lt:clear tracker errors on success
 - lt:optimize setting with unlimited unchoke slots
 - lt:fixed restoring of trackers, comment, creation date and created-by in resume data
 - lt:fix handling of torrents with too large pieces
 - lt:fixed division by zero in anti-leech choker
 - lt:fixed bug in torrent_info::swap


Snowy peaks photo credit:
By Asoggetti under Public Domain

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