Get FrostWire 1.0 for Android

If you are getting an Android device this holiday season, we’ve spent the last 5 months building a must-have app for it.

Install FrostWire via Google Play.

Download the .apk installer.

Here’s a few things you can do with our completely re-designed and easy to use file sharing client and media player.

Improved search that integrates with the cloud.

Search results are faster than ever (instant in most cases) and not only you’ll have the most powerful BitTorrent Deep-Smart search[1] featured in previous versions, now FrostWire integrates with popular cloud services where content creators from all over the world share millions of legally available files[2].

The fastest downloads ever on any FrostWire for Android.

Be it on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G you will experience in most cases downloads that are so fast you won’t even see the progress bar begin to move, by the time the transfer screen is opened the file will already be on your device. Specially when sharing files with other FrostWire devices (PCs too) on the same Wi-Fi network.

Share files between phones, tablets and computers without any networking know-how

You don’t have to use cables or become a computer guru to share files between your phones, tablets or computers. We’ve also been working on FrostWire for desktop so that when you open FrostWire on your phone or computer you will be able to see every device automatically.

Just make files publicly available by opening padlock icons next to the files and every device running FrostWire will be able to download and even stream music or video from each other.

This makes it great for groups of people (work, school, home, party), now you only need to take only one photo and share it with everybody else next time you’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

Sending documents, music, family videos between your mobile, tablet or computer has never been easier or faster, best of all it doesn’t even matter what Operating system you’re running, Windows, Mac, Linux, it doesn’t matter, all you need is FrostWire and a Wi-Fi router. It just works.

World class Gesture Based Music Player

We’ve redesigned our music player for simplicity and convenience. FrostWire’s music player is the world’s first gesture based music player, we built it thinking of drivers in mind, no need to take your eyes off the road if you want to switch songs or pause/resume playback.

On this version we’ve introduced a beautiful new design with a 3D presentation of the album art currently being played. It also has functionality to share or un-share the file you’re currently listening to without having to browse or find the file on your device.

Easier Navigation

We’ve recreated the navigation system on the application, it now has a beautiful animated and responsive slide in menu that will take you anywhere in the app, with room for future functionality, and if you’re playing a song you will be able to see the album art of the song being played.

We’ve also implemented a custom “Back” history handler so that you can backtrack perfectly the screens you’ve navigated as you used the app. You now have random access navigation through the menu, and sequential access navigation through the Android’s back key.

We’ve added new controls to let you instantly filter your own files and see which are being shared on the Wi-Fi network and which aren’t in just one touch.

Install FrostWire on your Android and spread the word, the more the merrier, it’s absolutely free.

Install FrostWire via Google Play.

Download the .apk installer.

[1] FrostWire's Deep-Smart search uses the most popular torrent indexing services to fetch torrent files, then FrostWire opens these files and searches for the individual files indexed by the torrent. As FrostWire searches it remembers the files it's seen in the past to make your next searches instantaneous.

[2] Only on in 2012 it was announced users had shared over 4 million Creative Commons licensed videos. FrostWire also taps on, the internet's biggest sound and music community of content creators, bands, singers and DJs that pay to make their music available for free to the SoundCloud community. If you share your content on YouTube or SoundCloud you're automatically available to the millions of FrostWire users on both Desktop and Android. Integration with more popular cloud services to come in the next releases.

When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won't work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement. Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission. If you want to know about legal content you can download and distribute legally please visit,,, and

Mac OSX 10.8.1: FrostWire is “damaged”??? Not at all, just allow applications downloaded from everywhere.

Users that upgraded to Mac OSX 10.8 or who recently got a new Mac will probably get a nasty message that won’t let them run FrostWire.

If you see that dialog on your Mac, it’s an EVIL LIE. The App is not “damaged”, we’re not sure why Apple would lie in such a way to users instead of just letting them know that this app didn’t come from their “App Store”.

Basically the geniuses at Apple decided to impose a new setting to not let you run software that doesn’t come from their App Store (next thing we know we won’t be able to run software that doesn’t come from the App Store just like on iOS (iPhones/iPads) and people will have to jail break their desktop/laptops…*sigh*)

To solve the issue, on your mac, go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy

and tell your Mac to open apps downloaded from everywhere, like you’ve been doing for the last… well since Macs were macs.

Let’s hope Apple won’t start forcing every app out there to be inside their App Store and then impose draconian rules to enter the App Store, this will be the beginning of the end of Mac OSX if it happens, please let users run the software they’ve downloaded on their computers.

Paid for FrostWire? Don’t get Scammed – FrostWire is 100% FREE

PLEASE DO NOT EVER PAY A DIME FOR FrostWire. Below we show you some screenshots of sites that scam people into paying monthly, yearly, or lifetime “memberships” to nowhere. FROSTWIRE IS FREE


There isn’t any service to pay for, you’re basically sharing your files with other people, that’s all, there is no service behind organizing the content in anyway, you just search other people’s computers, therefore, you don’t need to pay anybody for memberships. is a scam and infringes the frostwire trademark


These sites even put video demos, with a model showing you how to search, download and burn.

They even go and distribute OUR own FrostWire and put links to our servers and then charge people monthly fees.

Please do not download FrostWire from other websites, only download FrostWire from the official site

There’s no such thing as subscriptions or monthly fees, or one lifetime fee, etc. Since we don’t provide a download service, FrostWire is just a client of the Gnutella Network which is a FREE network. doesn’t sell FrostWire, however it accepts voluntary donations from its users.

If you are a victim already, look for an invoice, you will see it doesn’t come from First try to contact the company that charged you (not and ask THEM (not us) for a refund, if you don’t succeed, then talk to your credit card company to open an investigation


What to do to get my money back?

  • Talk to the company that charged you, ask them for a full refund. The ONLY official distributors of FrostWire are , and
  • If a company other than FrostWire LLC charged you and they refuse to give you a refund, go to your credit card company or bank and demand an investigation for credit card fraud is started so you can get your refund

Hopefully if we get enough investigations against these fraudulent companies, they’ll loose their merchant accounts and they won’t be able to charge credit cards again.

So far we know that companies doing this are the following, and we are NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEM in any way:

  • <- FRAUD of the worst kind!!!
  • MP3 Music HQ.Com
  • Number One Music Inc with their site
  • (which shows a cheap copy of the website to appear legitimate)


Why there’s no FrostWire for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

We’d love to be on iOS!

But there are many reasons that impede us creating a port for iOS:

1. Our application is licensed under the GPL, The GPL license is in conflict with the terms of the App Store. Many GPL applications have been pulled out because some organizations denounce them to Apple (just like VLC Player was pulled out)

2. A file sharing application like ours has very little chance of being accepted in the App Store.

3. We’d have to code everything again using Objective-C, this would take a long time to happen, and for the 2 reasons above our little team has preferred to create FrostWire for Android instead (almost the same technology and no issues with the Android market)

We do see the many users that come to our site with iPhones, iPods and iPads, and it sucks we’re hands tied. Maybe we’ll figure out a way to get there.

Prototype for new FrostWire Sticker

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you a first prototype of the next generation of FrostWire stickers.

As of FrostWire 5 you have all noticed that the FrostWire logo got a little bit of love on it’s appearance, it’s now a more finished and 3Dish sphere and barbed wire than its previous version and as we’re running out of stickers from our last batch we’re testing out a new FrostWire sticker design.

On the Top the Old sticker, On the bottom the prototype for the new one

We’d like your input on it, our current consensus is:

> Move the “” a little bit away from the border (more padding)
> Make the “” text a touch bigger

Let us know what you think of the stickers on the comments section.


FrostWire Trademark Infringers and fraudsters still advertised on Google Adwords

If you search for “frostwire” on Google today, you will still get one of the fake/fraudster ads, but this time the scammers went a little too far infringing our trademark.

The domains, and are infringing FrostWire’s trademarks blatanly, by advertising and distributing other products and using our trademarked name and logo.

On top of this, they’re charging users for a product that is not FrostWire but uses our trademarked logo and name.

They have their own windows installer which installs something that they call “FrostWire Pro”, this is how it looks:

Not only they blatantly use our trademark on the name of the software, the icon, logo, they also charge for it, and then we are the ones getting user’s emails asking for money back.

It doesn’t end there

A simple reverse DNS search on their IP address let’s us know that they’re not only doing this with the FrostWire trademark, they’re also usurping the identify of other software like Ares and LimeWire.




We are sending cease & desist letters to them and their hosting company to see if we can do something to protect you guys from these scammers.

The most ironic part of all of this, is that we then tried to put an ad on Google for users to find out about FrostWire’s new File and Folder sending capabilities, and our ads are being denied for “Copyright” while fraudsters that infringe on our trademark and damage our name can advertise freely to prey on clueless users.

Here’s a video we posted 2 years ago, and these people keep scamming thousands of people every year.

FrostWire 5, BitTorrent So Simple

After over 6 months of work the first FrostWire 5 release is finally out with over 50 upgrades, fixes and new features.

The most important new features of FrostWire 5 are:

1. Faster and richer curated search results from the top file sharing engines of the Internet

2. The ability to send large files or entire folders to other people with a simple HTTP link

3. Improved BitTorrent Support, including creating torrents & downloading partial torrents

4. New looks and better media support by the music player

Most of these updates and changes were the product of community feedback, long debates and hard decisions made to help shape the future of our file sharing community.
Let’s review each one of these in detail.

Faster, cleaner search results

The number one complaint from our user base was spam. Without much development muscle in our community after LimeWire was shutdown, all of our updates and heuristics were unable to upkeep with the never ending battle against spam. Power users were able to fine-tune their FrostWires with what we had provided, but the mainstream users were falling constant victims of spam and fake search results.

With the landscape of file sharing shifting to BitTorrent we saw the opportunity build up on it’s strengths and to make the BitTorrent experience a lot easier and simpler, one that your mom can handle.
We dropped Gnutella search and replaced it with the curated indexes of major HTTP BitTorrent Search Engines (and we’ll keep adding more with each release). The results are instant search results, and no spam or fakes.

As always, a portion of users might still have to go through a bit of a learning curve transitioning to a BitTorrent only application. First-time BitTorrent users might not initially realize that most torrents contain more than one file, for example, or know that you can selectively download files from a single torrent. We’ve included all sorts of tools to let users filter search results and filter the content inside torrents as well.

FrostWire 5 combines the search results of all of listed engines in one place so you don’t need to leave your FrostWire window and figure out which torrent search engine to use. When you start a download, FrostWire will show you from which webpage the torrent came from, giving the search engine a deserved page view for each download started from FrostWire 5. We hope this will foster more competitiveness in the BitTorrent indexing community and more even better indexed content. As those search engines see what kind of searches are coming in, we believe that they’ll start adjusting their practices to attract more FrostWire users to download their torrents and both, the torrent indexing community and the torrent content consumer, will benefit from FrostWire 5 fully entering the BitTorrent community.

Send large files and folders

We think one of the biggest, most common and at the same time the simplest problems on the Internet is sending large files between computers. If you often work with large files (and files are getting larger and larger as computing gets better, storage cheaper, cameras have better image resolutions for both video and stills) and you need to send them to your clients, friends, coworkers or family, email just may not be an option.

What’s the alternative?
There are many services where you can upload your files for others to download. The problem is, which service do I use? Many of the free file upload sites are simply too difficult or even close to impossible to use because they are overloaded with deceptively placed ads, pop-ups, timeouts and other file size and bandwidth limitations. They also constantly nag you to purchase paid versions, making it extremely frustrating for free users. There are of course paid and enterprise alternatives that do work, but not everybody wants to or simply can pay for the subscription. The services simply cannot allow free accounts because of the high storage and bandwidth costs.

Because FrostWire works on the distributed BitTorrent network, you can literally grab terabytes of data and make them easily available to friends and family right from your computer at no cost. Best of all, the more people you share this data with, the faster they can download. They will collaborate with each other as they download the pieces and pass portions of the files along to others.

You can have your latest and greatest HD Viral Video, in all it’s quality and glory, sent to millions of computers just by sending out a link that FrostWire will create for you in seconds. The receiving parties will need to use FrostWire, and they will be able to pause/resume the download and help you seed the content for others. Yes, you can distribute a file to millions of people, right from your computer. No need to sign up to any service and no need to pay for anything (maybe excluding your Internet connection!) FrostWire 5 allows you not only send a file, but to send entire folders of content. No more limits on file size, type, video duration or quality! You can start a revolution right from your home computer – the possibilities are unlimited!

The process is super simple. All you gotta do is drag and drop the file or folder you want to send onto the FrostWire window, and FrostWire will, under the hood, create and seed a torrent for you. It will then give you the option to Copy the text with a HTTP link or a Magnet link that you can later send to your friends and family. There’s even a Send to Twitter option in case you have something important to share with the world.

Improved BitTorrent Support

We rewrote our BitTorrent integration with Vuze’s core, a powerful, stable and fast BitTorrent core library, from scratch. We also added many features related to BitTorrent that FrostWire 4 didn’t have.

Some of the new features include easy torrent creation (both decentralized torrents and tracker based torrents), sending large files and folders (which, as we have explained is also done on top of BitTorrent, but the technology aspects have been hidden from the user), being able to filter and download individual files from torrents, easy magnet link creation, DHT support and more.

New Looks & Better Media Support

We removed of the old skinning system and integrated a technology called “Substance” that allows us to paint the FrostWire interface however we want. It also adds a nice animation effects to improve the user experience. FrostWire 5 comes with over 25 new substance skins.

We are in the process of designing a beautiful new skin for both our desktop and android products to give you a more uniform experience across the platforms and are planning some major UX updates to Library Tab, but that’s scheduled to come out in the following releases.

We’ve also given our barbed wire sphere a well deserved make over, we hope you like it too.

The FrostWire 5 installer dropped about 50% of it’s size when compared to FrostWire 4, so we decided to use the space we had lost for something very useful and we tackled another part of the software that was not performing up to our standards – the media player.

Library Tab, but that’s scheduled to come out in the following releases.

We’ve also given our barbed wire sphere a well deserved make over, we hope you like it too.

The FrostWire 5 installer dropped about 50% of it’s size when compared to FrostWire 4, so we decided to use the space we had lost for something very useful and we tackled another part of the software that was not performing up to our standards – the media player.

The old media player was a 100% Java MP3 decoder which wasn’t 100% compatible with all mp3 files. We have decided to bring a project on board that knows how to playback all media well, so now FrostWire comes with a binary build of mplayer that supports the most popular audio codecs flawlessly. For now we’ve decided to leave video playback out of the picture to keep the size of the installer to the bare minimum.

The Future

This release of FrostWire 5 is merely a beginning of many ideas that can and will happen on top of the BitTorrent network. We believe that BitTorrent is a great technology that is being majorly underutilized. In time, we’ll show you what we mean, just stay tuned.

Download FrostWire 5


Follow @frostwire on Twitter.

FrostWire for Android 0.5.1, now with 3G/4G support

Download FrostWire for Android

The top request by the FrostWire for Android community was being able to use the application outside a WiFi network, wel the first version with 3G/4G support is finally available.

This new release brings a few new Features like “Send File To Chat”, you will also notice subtle but useful changes to the User Interface and User Experience.

After FrostWire 0.5.x, we’ll be dropping support for older Androids still running 1.6. According to our stats only 4% of the network was running 1.6 and this 4% was holding back the rest from some great ideas we had in the beginning on how to use multitouch, gestures and other features of Android +2.1. Other than that we believe Androids running newer versions of the operating system will handle the p2p networking technology a lot better.

Many more to come during the 0.5.x series, please report all bugs, crashes and give us your feedback on how to make the application better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the full changelog for 0.5.1:

FrostWire 0.5.0:
– New Feature: 3G/4G support. Use FrostWire outside your Wi-Fi network.
– New Feature: Send file(s) to chat. Long press on a file or select many, then send to the chatroom.
– UI-love: Updated look of Screen Headers. Tabs and Headers have new gradient looks and look well across all devices.
Better looking buttons on Transfers screen.
– UI-fix: Updated “Love FrostWire” section. No more donations until we integrate payment system.
Please rate us 5 stars on the Android Market if you like the app instead.
– UX-upgrade: Distances to peers now shown in both miles and kilometers (by popular demand)
– UX-upgrade: Peer Browsing is more frugal in screen real-state. Good for small screens.
– Drops support for Android 1.6 to favor health of the network with faster/better peers.
– Bug-fix: Fixes several reported (NPE) crashes.

Make sure you know your carrier rules regarding the use of P2P applications since you might be breaching your carrier contract by using this app in some countries. Also make sure you don’t leave FrostWire for Android running for a long time if you have a limited data transfer plan since you might exceed your plan limits.

FrostWire condemns Piracy

Since the FrostWire project started the FrostWire Team and community have worked hard to show the potential of p2p file-sharing as a legitimate and convenient mechanism of content delivery that can level the playing field for content creators all over the world who are willing to share some of their content for free.

We designed and built FrostWire for Android thinking of how the world should be, before FrostWire for Android the most social device by nature (your phone) was crippled when it came to connecting with people near you, it was a great device for remote interaction (email, phone, web browsing, tweeting, blogging) but not for close range interaction. Now you can connect and share one of the most precious assets in your mobile device with those around you, your files.

P2P filesharing will evolve as a content distribution model, we think there’s been plenty of schooling about illegal downloading over the world, we want to school the world on what legal file sharing is, specially in regards to music when you have over 8 million bands and singers in sites like myspace willing to share their music and be discovered, p2p is perfect for them.

We created FrostWire for Android initially for close range file sharing having in mind use cases like:

  • Groups of Friends and family sitting at the dinner table in a restaurant who are usually “texting”, tweeting and being disconnected from what’s in front of them. Now they have another way to interact with the people in front of them, they can exchange pictures, videos of earlier in the day and not be so technologically alienated. No need to have a rain check on that video you recorded of your friends hours earlier in the club, you can exchange the recently recorded memories while you’re having a slice of pizza at 3am on that open Wi-Fi of the pizzeria
  • Conferences and classrooms. Speakers can now share materials with the audience right from the phone, no need to give an URL for later, just grab the presentation, or the video, or the pictures, or the podcast related to the talk from my phone, right now.
  • Parents with smartphones usually have hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures and videos of their kids. You can now easily send in a short amount of time all those pictures and videos to your friends and family, more over, you can now share these files across all the android devices you have at home, think of tablets and tvs.
  • You’re part of an indie band and you want to share a few free tracks with your live audience, whip out your Android and tell the audience to start downloading those demo tracks right now, create buzz around your band after the show is over.
  • You are a shy person, you find yourself in a room full of hundreds of people, there’s an open Wi-Fi network, start FrostWire and see who’s around, the Chat is a great way to break the ice with other shy people around you.
  • Use FrostWire to promote your free Android Apps. FrostWire will only share Apps the user has installed and which are not copy protected (this also gives a level of protection against malware, you can’t just share malicious .apk files unless you have installed them on your own phone/device).
  • Search and Download thousands of Free Apps. You’ll actually see what people has installed on their phones, not some reviews or sketchy numbers on a website.
  • Sending files Wirelessly between your Android devices and PCs. FrostWire is a great way to transfer all the videos and pictures taken with your Smartphone into your computer without any hassle.

FrostWire Splash Screen Gallery – Vol V

FrostWire Splash Screens since 4.20.7

Credits and more detailed descriptions of these pictures are available on the Flickr Group.

Submitting your pictures

If you want your picture to make it to the next FrostWire, join the FrostWire Photo Album Flickr Group and submit your pictures. Here are some tips to get your picture on the FrostWire splash screen:

  • Send us pictures of your FrostWire Stickers or Shirts. Get Free Stickers here, we ship worldwide.
  • The Higher the resolution the better.
  • Horizontal pictures work better for the Splash Screen.
  • Make sure you tell us where in the world you took the picture. If there’s a funny story related to the picture please share that on the description.
  • Tag your pictures. Some suggested “tags” for your pictures are: frostwire, filesharing, p2p, gnutella, bittorrent, frostwire stickers,

New FrostWire 4.20.5 out

Download FrostWire v4.20.5

FrostWire v4.20.5 is available now for Windows, MacOSX and Linux operating systems.

FrostWire is absolutely free DO NOT PAY for FrostWire.

If a company charged for it ask them for your money back.

Make sure you download FrostWire only from the official mirrors:

Find out more about FrostWire “Torrent Joint” v4.20 series

Support FrostWire

You can support FrostWire by recommending it to your friends, you can get these Free FrostWire Stickers* to make that more fun.

Another way to support development and distribution costs is to get your self a new t-shirt to wear.

Stickers and T-Shirts are shipped worldwide.


Changelog for v4.20.5

Version 4.20.5 "Torrent Joint" (March, April 2010)
- Fixes audio player issues. Now all MP3s should support skipping and gain control.
- Fixes bug on status bar speed meter. Now BitTorrent uploads speeds are added up and shown correctly in it.
- Fixes High CPU usage bug while loading hostiles ip list.
- Fixes a bug on MacOSX on which FrostWire would only start downloading a .torrent only if FrostWire was already running.
- The FrostWire windows installer will now clean FrostWire Desktop shortcuts if uninstalled.

FrostWire is licensed under the GPLv3.
Browse the FrostWire Source Code

* Stickers are free, you only pay for the postage or you can send a self addressed stamped envelope.